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Accent Cafe Rating:

If you want to sit in the dancing room you have to order at last $ 25 per person and you have to give them a deposit. The other thing is that they will take a tip by them self, so don't even think at the end how much you should give them:)

NAME Monika    DATE: 5/15/2005    RATING:
you have a thief going there Krzysztof Lenart warn your waitress and bartenders specially a denella or something like that i guess he has been after her be careful because he will steal everything from anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!111

NAME jennifer    DATE: 3/14/2006    RATING:
Poor music, extremely aggressive bouncers. you better go somewhere else.

NAME Thomas    DATE: 5/1/2006    RATING:
accent sucks, i give'em a 1 for being horrible

NAME me    DATE: 1/14/2007    RATING:
Hunk-a-mania is the only thing this place has going on.

NAME Gina    DATE: 10/1/2007    RATING:
accent caffe

NAME stanley    DATE: 6/7/2008    RATING:
1 2

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